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SFC11 Rankings by Chimcharlover13 SFC11 Rankings by Chimcharlover13
Color Code:
Purple: Amazing characters that I am loving
Green: Fun characters that I am liking
Yellow: Alright characters that I am accepting
Orange: Not-so-great characters that I am disliking
Red: Horrible characters that I am hating


18. :bulletred: Bonnie 2.0 (AKA Sunflower) :bulletred: – This bitch is everything that I HATE in a character and person. You do NOT bite the hand that feeds you. You do NOT betray someone who was allowing you to be their partner just because they weren't “very, very nice” (Bitsy to Al comes to mind). You do NOT just backstab your old friends for new friends upon meeting them. You do NOT lie about having something that you were given by some jackasses from those who were supposed to be your friends, just because “you never asked”. You do NOT just waste all your airtime in the first half crying like a little bitch and showing what a lying sack of crap you are. She's just so fake, so vile, and so pathetic. I HATE her. Plus, she ruined what should’ve been a great pony character. So disgraceful. At least she got her comeuppance, which was heavenly to see.

17. :bulletred: Gaylord McFreakout (AKA Eli) :bulletred: – Funny at first, but eventually got beyond irritating and just ruined the season. Breaking the 4th wall is funny when done in small doses, like what Pinkie Pie does. It is NOT cute and hilarious when it’s your only shtick. And predicting the future? I will agree with Sexygirlxo and call it cheating. I don’t care if half the things he said were wrong; it was cheating in the end, and it pissed me off. Just a blatant use of self-insertion by the idiot creator that, when smart people such as myself realized just what was going on, really ruined the season.

16. :bulletred: Condescending Chew Toy Asshole (AKA Paine) :bulletred: – Nothing more than a selfish, rude prick when it all came down to it. Boring, obnoxious, and the fact that he’s not even alive was barely even focused upon. A true waste of a character that most was expecting to be a highlight of the season. He wasn’t. He was useless, annoying, a little slave, and was such a flip-flop asshole that, whenever he talked, I just wanted to go and watch paint dry or bang my head over and over again until I THOUGHT I was watching paint dry.

15. :bulletred: Dumbass Bully McFatty (AKA Casey) :bulletred: – The dude who entered this worthless character should feel ashamed of himself. Good lord, what was this? A joke? You seriously entered a prepubescent fat kid with a foul mouth, no moral upbringing, and no game whatsoever just for the under-the-radar rude moments? Seriously? Dear lord, and here I thought I was stupid for thinking that SRJJJB was a nice person or that KW-Moonlight was an angel in disguise! Wow. Seriously, though; huge waste of a character. Nothing worth remembering, nothing redeemable, and just a big pile of crap.

14. :bulletred: Loudmouth Retarded Internet Bitch (AKA Sexygirlxo) :bulletred: – Her shtick wore thin before I could even blink. Gimmick characters like her are completely and utterly worthless. Basically, just take the cliché black girl, throw in some exaggerated internet words and abbreviations, and a bunch of capitalized, misspelled words and you get this pile of crap. Ugh. She gave me a headache so many times that I honestly had to take medicine when reading her bunk. God, WHAT was her creator thinking? I think he wanted to kill us all slowly. You know, by throwing us into madness and ruining our minds.

13. :bulletred: Misplayed Murdering Bastard (AKA Bradlyn) :bulletred: – Completely disappointing in every sense of the word. So, he basically killed his son to expand his own life. Wow. SO horrifying. No, not really. Just really boring. I mean, yawn, get back to me when something HUGE is revealed! I mean, for crying out loud! He’s from the most notorious killing series in the world: Final Destination. All you could give us was him being a perverted creeper and him apparently having killed his own son? Can you spell BORING? He had such potential, but it was wasted. If you ask me, his creator doesn’t know how to write a good story at all. He just thinks he does. Such a shame.

12. :bulletred: Lazy Fatass Dipstick (AKA Dwayne) :bulletred: – Overblown idiot thrown into our faces and whom we’re expected to like. Sorry, but no. His shtick was cute at first, but then just seriously retarded. Wow, making stuff because you’re lazy. Ooh, winning things in a cheap way. Whoa, shooting people with darts. Oh momma, being snarky and making comments about coffee. Grow up, you imbeciles. This character was a huge disgrace to characters everywhere and I am appalled that his creator made him. And here I thought his creator couldn’t get any worse at making crappy characters. Guess I was wrong on that one.

11. :bulletred: Donald Trump (AKA Crisco) :bulletred: – Seven straight CPN5’s is not very endearing. It’s just boring. He had his moments, such as getting pissed off at Gaylord McFreakout several times, but other than that he was just too boring and predictable. Not very memorable or worth noting. Plus, his creator is kinda a joke. He acts so emotionless and cold half the time, and the other half he creeps me right the hell out. Hardly anything to talk about involving this clown. Nothing much to really HATE on him for, but all the negatives far outweigh the minimal positives. So sad.

10. :bulletred: Stereotypical Delusional Stooge #1 (AKA Claus) :bulletred: – How do characters like this even get made? No, I mean it. In the wonderful world of the internet that we all have at our fingertips, you make disgraceful HUMANS like this? Seriously, you couldn’t give us a robot? A furry? An alien? SOMETHING other than this worthless stereotype? I have never made a human, and I don’t plan on it. I wish all humans were gone; they are so horrible and pathetic. And this stooge is no different. Not even worth my time to talk about.

9. :bulletred: Stereotypical Delusional Stooge #2 (AKA Juiced Up) :bulletred: – So, let me get this straight. Throw in Frank’s sexism, combined with Bonnie’s rude mouth, the uselessness and delusional factor of Craig, and mash in a little bit of Eddie from Survivor Caramoan and you get this poorly-named jackass. Wow. Can someone get his creator some help? Please? He seriously should be on life support by this rate. I mean, dear God, what goes through the mind of these people to make such awful characters? Every time this retard spoke, I wanted to blow up my computer with a flamethrower. Which I can’t do, since I paid too much for it. Ugh. How he’s this high is beyond me.

8. :bulletred: Flip-Flopping Freakazoid Blondie (AKA Honey) :bulletred: – She was such a mess. I had such high hopes for her, but she let me down. She was just so awful with how much of a whiny flip-flop she was half the time, and the other half she was just spazzing with Gaylord McFreakout. Her creator was supposed to be nice, but I can see why he would have such a character. He’s the same as her. Such a flip-flop. One time he’s as sweet as a kitty, and the next he’ll backstab you and cuss like a punk or pimp. I hate people like that who aren’t true to who they really are. But, the point is, Blondie here was just a major disappointment and nothing more than a strategy bot half the time. I am disappoint, son.

7. :bulletred: Laughable One-Note Crybaby (AKA Rosemary) :bulletred: – All she was here for was to provide fodder for Gaylord McFreakout to avoid being voted out first. That was it. She had no personality other than her random story was thrown out there in the first tribal council, and she was just randomly voted out first due to her emotional state apparently not being good for the game, as said by Donald Trump. She’s better than everyone before her on my list, but otherwise very forgettable.

6. :bulletred: Smartass Wideload Bitchface (AKA Angel) :bulletred: – So. Freaking. Annoying. Nothing more than a second Melanie. Not over-the-top negative, but still snarky and obnoxious all the same. Not doing it for me. Get this fatass, snarky little giraffe or zebra or Neopet or whatever the hell she is OUTTA here. Seriously, this is the best this creator can do? Give us a stupid-looking ugly girl like this who is snarky yet apparently “smart” as well? Yawn. I’d be far more interested if she was possessed by a demon and had a split-personality like Maria and Mo. Otherwise, just worthless and too cliché.

5. :bulletred: UTRP2 (AKA Whitney) :bulletred: – So, yeah. UTRP2 was just another boring character. Nothing more than a female Cherman. Oh my God, she found an idol and did a dumbass little Brenda face on the sidelines! Ooh, she’s a ninja! Gag me. Grow up, you loonies. If THIS is what entertains you, I seriously need to send some brain surgeons over to your homes and have them infuse some brain cells into your brains, since you all lack any at all. No personality, completely boring, and her creator lied to me. I thought her creator was nice, but they’re just a two-faced, backstabbing gypsy. So disappointing.

4. :bulletred: Cliché Forced Underdog Furry (AKA Tialayla) :bulletred: – Basically, she was thrown into our faces as the underdog very early. Okay, cool. So, just have her make a few awesome moves to take out a threat or two, then have her leave as a memorable early elimination. Oh, but wait, we have to keep seeing more of her. Okay, this is getting annoying, and I’m tired of it. We’ve all see the story before. Montana comes to mind, does it not? So, while Cliché Forced Underdog Furry has some nice factors to her, I can’t back her or really like her. Just too corny and stupid at this point. Give me something fresh and new, would you please?

3. :bulletyellow: Persona Non Grata (AKA Moe’mi) :bulletyellow: – She didn’t seem to fit into the game long term, as said her dumbass creator, which is why she went early. He said that she would’ve gotten “annoying” if she went on. Well, I disagree. She brought something new to the game. Different personas and characters. If she had been allowed to show strategy in these forms, it would’ve been epic. Like, would one persona think differently than the others? Would we ever see the REAL Persona Non Grata again? It would’ve been so exciting to see what she could do! Sadly, her idiot creator was biased towards his more pathetic characters, so she got shafted early. Such a disappointment.

2. :bulletyellow: Domo Arigato Mister Roboto (AKA Flaithri) :bulletyellow: – Even if his creator proved to be a boldfaced liar and two-faced jerk, daring to talk about me behind my back and dare to insult my character, I’m not like that. Oh, and I know that this guy isn’t really a robot, but he just LOOKS and SOUNDS like one, so that’s good enough for me. But, yeah. He never betrayed Artemis, and even if he was a bit boring, that didn’t matter to me. What matters to me is loyalty. Which is why I loved Phil from Season 10 of this stupid series. Loyalty is huge for me, as it is for Artemis. The fact that Mister Roboto was the only one, other than Lazy Fatass Dipstick to not betray her, is more than enough to warrant my thanks and my appreciation. His creator is a jerk, but I appreciate his character for remaining loyal.

1. :bulletgreen: Artemis Moonshine :bulletgreen: – Easily the player of the season with the best story and the most true and honest character. Yes, she could be blunt, but at least she tells it like it is and isn’t a two-faced, backstabbing liar. I don’t respect that at all. Artemis was amazing. She proved just how powerful she was early on, gaining an ally in Mister Roboto, before having her power taken away thanks to Bonnie 2.0. Thankfully, she survived using her words of wisdom and her power of speech, but she was then left powerless the rest of the game. Now THAT is an underdog story. Not with Cliché Forced Underdog Furry. A GOOD underdog story is being strong, but then having everything taken away from you, and STILL rising to the top to claim victory. It’s why I can respect Marius, even if I find him to be a complete jackass. Artemis had the story of being a homeless, very emotional and very passionate person going for her, and the fact that she was able to make it all the way to the top, against all odds and having her two closest allies leave her (by betrayal and sudden elimination), was incredible and inspirational. I really wish she could be back for an All-Stars, but since she won, that won’t be happening. But, it doesn’t matter; she proved just how amazing she was. Artemis rules!
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