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deviation in storage by DragonGirl983
Some dork butt on Skype asked me my thoughts on the game, so I went ahead and did just that. Warning, this contains SPOILERS, so if you don't want to see them, don't read it. But, I pretty much completed the game, save for some little scenes here and there, so I wanted to give my thoughts on it all. Here we go:

Pacifist - It made me feel good and warm inside to spare everything and just be a really nice person, since it's likely what I would do anyway in real life. The tactics were different and unique, but it really just slowed things down. I enjoyed being nice and "fighting" in a new way, but I hated how slow it was and it got annoying after a while. The ending was touching and made me cry, I'll admit. Overall, it was cute. A tad bit too 'boring' because it just felt so 'natural', but it was nice.

Neutral - I'm not even sure how I got this one. I THOUGHT I was doing a Pacifist run, but then suddenly Flowey shows up and turns into a psychotic freak and cheats his way to a ton of victories over me, and I end up sparing the little asshole in the end anyway. Apparently because I didn't go back and hang out with Undyne and then look around in Alphys' lab, that's why it went Neutral...since I hadn't killed ANYONE before I met Asgore. So...basically I did Neutral run without meaning to, then went back and did the stuff with Undyne and Alphys, and got Pacifist. Neutral was...well, other than Flowey being terrifying and nightmarish, I don't see what it really was. It was just...another possible ending. It is what it is.

Genocide - I loved being able to fight things, since that's just what I prefer in my games; I love fighting. Not in real life, but in games. So, that made me feel good. Until I killed Toriel. And then those cute dogs. And then Papyrus. And the dark, sombering music came...and then Undyne began to cheat and get insanely hard and I was forced to use Cheat Engine to get past her...and Mettaton was just a pushover...and then Sans cheated his ass off, so I out-cheated him and still felt bad for killing him...and then that ending. Jesus Christ. I mean, it feels good to be a villain...but in a cartoony sense. When you're a really makes any sane person feel terrible. I loved fighting, but...not when it leads to consequences like this. I really felt dead inside doing the things I did, and since I utterly refuse to have lingering consequences on subsequent playthroughs thanks to Chara, I deleted my entire game, re-downloaded it, and started anew...since I'm NOT going through a whole run and finding out Chara is possessing Frisk in the end. Not happening.

Overall, the game isn't Earthbound; people need to stop thinking it's one of the best things ever. It's not. Earthbound did it first, and did it better. Plus, the fourth-wall stuff in The Stanley Parable was a lot funnier than in here. That said, it really was nice. I loved Mettaton's battle theme music, I really did love the characters themselves, the "battle system" was interesting, the puzzles were cute and decent, the story was alright...and the game was good. Again, I feel like a lot of people feel about Five Nights At Freddy's: "Slow the hell down. Stop overrating it! Jesus Christ, ENOUGH! It's good, but stop turning it into this cult classic within the first few freaking months!"

My rating: 7/10

1. Mettaton
2. Papyrus
3. Undyne
4. Sans
5. Toriel
6. Napstablook
7. Flowey/Asriel
8. Asgore
9. Alphys


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Thanks for the watch!
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