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Well, this season's race just ended, and it was awful. Terrible, undeserving winners, a lot of boring legs, no real drama, and just not that much excitement at all. I'm not even feeling all that up to giving full rankings, but whatever. Here are my rankings for each team:

:bulletred: 11. Misti & Jim :bulletred: - Mostly just Jim, but I despised this team. So arrogant, so rude, so obnoxious, so unlikeable, and just not fun to watch. Anyone who rooted for them has issues, because I question your morals. It was almost like a spawn of Satan teamed up with an angel from God, and that's not a good thing. They weren't entertaining, or funny, or remotely interesting.

:bulletred: 10. Lisa & Michelle :bulletred: - Two hateful bitches that thankfully got their comeuppance right off the bat. How they treated the firemen was despicable, so I'm glad karma struck them and they went home first. Ugly, horrible professions, unlikeable personalities, and just really not good women to root for or cast for the race at all.

:bulletred: 9. Shelley & Nici :bulletred: - Almost like a more serious version of Natalie & Nadiya, if that makes sense. And it's not a good thing, either. While Natalie & Nadiya were loud and annoying in a rather amusing and hilarious way, these two were the a not-so-amusing or funny way. They symbolized discord and chaos between mother and daughter and were really aggravating to watch.

:bulletyellow: 8. Dennis & Isabelle :bulletyellow: - Who were they again? Does anyone really care? Nope.

:bulletyellow: 7. Amy & Maya :bulletyellow: - Completely undeserving winners who shouldn't have even BEEN in the final leg. You can't just pull a rule out of nowhere that had never happened before, without any prior warning, and give an eliminated team an unfair shot to win. It's wrong. These two clearly were not the best team out there, and didn't deserve to win at all. At least when Josh & Brent won, they never went into the final leg thanks to a stupid new rule to save their asses; they just avoided elimination properly each time until they gave it their all in the final challenge to win. These two stupid annoying females did nothing to warrant them winning. They're not evil or awful or anything, but I hated them stealing Adam & Bethany's win.

:bulletyellow: 6. Kym & Alli :bulletyellow: - I liked them at first, but enough was enough. There's only so much rebellious action I can take before you just piss me off and I get sick of you. Especially when you try targeting the team I like. These two were mildly entertaining, and for a while I thought they'd make the final three, but ultimately they were just that classic "tough girls" team that did well but didn't have enough to win. Not terrible, but nothing new.

:bulletgreen: 5. Michael & Scott :bulletgreen: - First off, let me just say that I hate Boston and most of the people from there. That said, these two were a joy to watch for the minimal time we saw them. They gave those two blonde bitches at the start what they had coming to them, and they were pretty funny and amusing. Likeable, too. Sad they didn't last longer.

:bulletgreen: 4. Keith & Whitney :bulletgreen: - Really, they're a lot like Misti & Jim, in that the female is the nice one, but the guy is a complete dick. Same thing applies here. You all remember these two losers from Survivor: South Pacific, correct? Well, they were pretty much the same here. Whitney was the pretty-looking dimwit who tried to be nice all the time, and Keith was the cocky, pretty-boy asshole. I hated them both on Survivor, but I somehow loved them here. I really don't know why, and for the record, I don't have a real solid reason. I just did.

:bulletgreen: 3. Brooke & Robbie :bulletgreen: - Basically fail villains, and those are always awesome...if done correctly. And these two were done correctly. So funny, so a funny way...and just so arrogant and delusional that you couldn't help but love them. If you have a sense of humor, at least. If you honestly hated these two, why are you even watching TV? Isn't it to be entertained? Well, as they both said at the end: "Whether you love us or hate us, you WILL remember us." And that's completely true. They were morons who bungled everything up, but always did it in a joyful, awesome way. I loved them. They didn't deserve to be randomly eliminated in the last leg, though. Complete bullshit.

:bulletgreen: 2. Tim & Te Jay :bulletgreen: - I love rooting for the gay couples, because...well, let's just be honest. They aren't always treated fairly and like they deserve to be. So, really, they're usually underdogs. And I love underdogs. These two were very fun. Their little arguments were really cute and silly, and while they didn't offer much in terms of drama or actual entertainment, I adored them. I was so sad when they went out.

:bulletgreen: 1. Adam & Bethany :bulletgreen: - The REAL winners of The Amazing Race 25. Seriously, you all know that these two deserved it the most. Not stupid candy scientists who didn't even fairly make it to the last leg, or cocky asshole dentists who apparently also work out a lot. Bethany was a joy and an inspiration, and seeing her do a lot of things that most of us 'normal' people CAN'T do...was outstanding. Adam himself was awesome and fun, too. Both of them were really nice people and I was so sure that they would win. They were robbed, plain and simple. So, yeah, these are the REAL winners of The Amazing Race 25. Just ingrain that into your minds.
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