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So, I basically just got done watching Survivor Africa last night. I honestly found both it and Survivor Marquesas at my local Goodwill store, and immediately bought them. I don't care what season it is; if it's Survivor, I want it! I started watching Survivor at Samoa, so anything before that I have never seen. I'm not just going to find episodes online and watch them, either. I want to watch them on DVD or not at all. So, I watched the entire season with my mother and her stupid boyfriend. My thoughts? I really enjoyed it! Really loved seeing all the animals, I loved to see what they had to go through back then, I loved the challenges, and I honestly liked pretty much the entire cast. Only a few people I didn't care for, but most all of them I ended up liking one way or another! Not to mention I liked the winner, so naturally if a season ends with a winner I like, it's a good season in my books. Here would be my rankings of all the players this season:

16. :bulletred: Silas Gaither (12th Place): :bulletred: This guy started off alright, and seemed to be a somewhat charismatic, charming guy. Then he suddenly just became cocky, arrogant and egotistical, thinking he was better than everyone and that he controlled the game, and he became intolerable. I was shocked when he got voted out when I was literally begging for him to go! That was a relief, but overall I still did not like him.

15. :bulletorange: Diane Ogden (16th Place): :bulletorange: Nothing really to HATE on her for, other than lying about Clarence's actions, and I did feel a little bad for her. But, overall, she went first and didn't have much impact other than being the older lady who got sick, whined a lot, and got eliminated. Simple as that.

14. :bulletorange: Brandon Quinton (8th Place): :bulletorange: A lot like Silas in a lot of ways, except not QUITE as arrogant and irritating. Basically, I liked him at the start, but the more the game wore on, the more unlikable, rude, obnoxious and selfish he became. He turned his back on his friends, got promptly punished for it, and that was it. His feud with Frank was pathetic, and his self-righteousness was just ridiculous. He really turned out to be quite nasty in a lot of ways.

13. :bulletorange: Carl Bilancione (14th Place): :bulletorange: Somewhat funny, but mostly just pointless. Of the old people on Samburu, he was definitely the most expendable. I honestly hardly even got to know him in his three episodes. He was just the cranky guy bitching about the young people, who got thrust into a tiebreaker, and lost. Apparently he had a lot of money and he was a doctor. And I think he's Italian. A laugh or two, but mostly forgettable.

12. :bulletyellow: Jessie Camacho (15th Place): :bulletyellow: Honestly felt bad for her. So Kim fails at the reward challenge, Kelly fails at the immunity challenge, and somehow Jessie has to be voted out just because she was sick for a little bit during the day? That's such bullshit. I mean, she wasn't that amazing, but I still felt she was robbed. A nice girl who got unfairly shafted early. Kinda reminds me of what happened in Millennials Vs. Gen X.

11. :bulletyellow: Lex Van Den Berghe (3rd Place): :bulletyellow: I am seriously so mixed on him. My mother adored him and loved both him and his wife and found them to be adorable. I kinda liked him, too, at least for the beginning and end of the game. That middle, he was bad. He became so horribly cruel and ridiculously controlling and it was honestly kinda unpleasant to watch. He isn't a bad guy, that's obvious, but when he was given power, it made him nasty. All other times he was really fun. I hate to rank him this low, but I just really liked everyone left even more.

10. :bulletgreen: Kim Powers (6th Place): :bulletgreen: It's weird. I honestly don't even remember her that much, but for some reason I only have positive thoughts about her. I think the way she was so loyal, intelligent and nice made her rather charming and likable. And her words during the final tribal council were really touching and sweet. So, I don't have much to say on her, but I did like her very much. She was just a small, yet charming girl.

9. :bulletgreen: Kim Johnson (2nd Place): :bulletgreen: A loyal, honest, likable old lady that shockingly won two final immunity challenges to make the end and almost win. Pretty amazing and almost an epic story for her. Much like Kim Powers, this Kim I also don't have much to talk about, but I did remember enjoying her a lot for what she brought to the table. She tried her best, despite being so overwhelmed at the start, and made a comeback. It was sweet to watch.

8. :bulletgreen: Kelly Goldsmith (9th Place) :bulletgreen: Most of her best moments came in the final tribal council and in her final game episode itself. Where the hell was that feisty behavior the first half of the season? She was almost irrelevant up until the merge, when she suddenly became such a bitch. And I loved it! She got so sassy and cocky, but in a funny way and not a "I'm better than all of you" way. It was pretty cute. I sadly can't rank her any higher since it was hardly seen, but it was still a shock and very amusing.

7. :bulletgreen: Lindsey Richter (11th Place): :bulletgreen: Speaking of bitches, at least Lindsey acted like one the entire season, and unlike the detestable Lindsey from Worlds Apart, THIS Lindsey was actually funny and had a REASON to be upset most of the time. Not only did she just bitch about everything, but the way she went out was honestly very sweet and nice, and yet her so-called "friends" had the nerve to badmouth her about it back at camp? Even when Lindsey was being nice, she STILL got hated! Wow. I want to hate her, but I just can't. She was a bitch, but a good bitch. When done right, this archetype can be funny.

6. :bulletpink: Ethan Zohn (1st Place): :bulletpink: Despite not really doing all that much, he was still my mother's #1 favorite player nearly right from the start, and I really enjoyed him, too. Such a nice guy with a good heart, and he used his social game to win in a way that actually made sense and with a jury that didn't seem bitter, either. Ethan wasn't amazing, but he was still pretty cool. I liked seeing him at the reward challenge helping out the kids in Africa; it really allowed his true colors to come out. Not the best, but still a great winner in terms of a likable, deserving person claiming the million.

5. :bulletpink: Linda Spencer (13th Place): :bulletpink: What the hell was wrong with this lady's head? She was definitely insane, and I loved it! I don't know if it was the heat or Lindsey pissing her off, but she was a hoot. She clearly didn't give a crap and she was having fun in her own way, and trying to respect Africa, and she was just nuts in the best way possible. Not to mention she was a part of the three 'older' people that I was heavily rooting for from the Samburu side, so it was really painful to see her go so early.

4. :bulletpink: Tom Buchanan (4th Place): :bulletpink: Speaking of nutjobs, let's talk about "Big Tom", shall we? Wow, this guy was sure something else. He was playfully racist, he was playfully perverted, he was playfully insane, he was playfully a drunkard, he was mean towards Clarence just over food, and yet he was STILL playing the game and considered turning on Lex many times and could've actually won if Kim hadn't won that second-to-last immunity. It was over 16 years ago, so his racist remarks and perverted behavior likely wouldn't fly nowadays, but honestly he wasn't doing/saying anything malicious. He was just a really funny goat farmer who wore his feelings on his sleeves. He was a delight.

3. :bulletpink: Clarence Black (10th Place): :bulletpink: Talk about a bad break. Clarence came out of the gate trying to help out a fellow tribe member, yet gets hated on for his actions (twice, when Tom voted for him again for no freaking reason). And just when it looks like he can start to play the game fairly come the merge, he shows an act of kindness towards Teresa and promptly gets eliminated for being a threat. That's just tragic. He was honestly a good guy with no ill intentions out there at all, and he redeemed himself all for naught. So sad. I was rooting hard for him.

2. :bulletpink: Teresa Cooper (5th Place): :bulletpink: I finally got to see the woman who could've been voted in to Cambodia, and honestly I came away loving her just as much as apparently everyone else did. I mean, she didn't seem to do much of anything other than be a nice lady and be as loyal and honest as she could, and I just loved how true she was to Clarence, how emotionally distraught she was for having to vote out Frank, and how she handled fessing up to Lex. I never felt one ounce of dishonesty or vileness in her at all. She was just a true, honest, kindhearted lady, and even though I knew she didn't win, I was rooting for her so hard, too.

1. :bulletwhite: Frank Garrison (7th Place) :bulletwhite: I honestly should hate this guy. Shouldn't we ALL hate this guy? And yet he was my favorite of the season. I mean...HOW? Why did I love him so much? Maybe the fact that he was so serious, yet also so loyal and blunt that it was just really refreshing and fun? The way he got after the lazy young people on his tribe, and was loyal to the older people, and just said how he felt and acted however he wanted without people caring, it was just so fascinating and awesome. It's weird, since this kind of player we shouldn't like. But...he wasn't MEAN, he was just...antisocial. It's so odd. There was just something about him that made me really want to start rooting for him almost immediately and that never left me. Somehow, someway, he was my favorite player on Survivor Africa.
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