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Which "best" worst movie do you enjoy more? 

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Which of my favorite foods would be your favorite, if you HAD to pick one? 

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Well, I watched the new Equestria Girls movie, which I really needed to see after the misery I've been going through. I'll point out all the positives and negatives about it and then give my overall assessment:


:bulletgreen: Flash Sentry's role was thankfully minimal, and he really served no purpose at all other than Hasbro teasing fans by almost making him do something that most of us (with a brain) would openly despise and loathe.

:bulletgreen: I LOVE Sunset Shimmer's role and what they did with her. I was actually in tears when I saw just how big her role was at the end, and I felt so happy for her. She really is the definition of changing yourself for the better, and climbing slowly up the ladder to do it. First Discord, and now Sunset Shimmer. I love them both.

:bulletgreen: All the cameos were cute and awesome. Oh, and if this doesn't confirm Lyra x Bon-Bon, nothing well. I mean, for God's sake, the were rubbing their cheeks together! And Lyra just LOOKS so much like a lesbian! Sorry if that seems stereotypical, but it's the truth! So, yeah, those two were cute together. Derpy and her cute ditzy playfulness was adorable. Bulk Biceps, the Cutie Mark Crusaders, Diamond Tiara & Silver Spoon, Maud Pie, and Vinyl Scratch were all great cameos, too.

:bulletgreen: Trixie finally got a much bigger role, and she was just as awesome and cute as ever. I still feel annoyed that they make her out to be villainous, when she really isn't, but you can argue that her actions were influenced thanks to the siren girls. So, I don't like my Trixie to just be openly cruel and mean; just a little naughty and spunky. I feel she didn't have to go so far, but I still loved her. Plus she saved us from some horrible nightmares by blocking out Twilight and Flash from doing anything we fans would be pissed about.

:bulletgreen: The songs were hit and miss, but mostly I enjoyed them. I think my favorite was Shake Your Tail. Honestly, I don't see why the sirens were supposed to be so deadly; I really felt their songs were boring and poor. Oh well, different strokes for different blokes.


:bulletblack: Far too mean-spirited this time around. I know that was kinda supposed to be the point, since the sirens fed off negativity (just like you trolls out there), but I really just felt so uncomfortable half the time from all the awfulness going on.

:bulletblack: Celestia and Luna once again proving to be incredibly useless, ineffective, and downright retarded. Oh, and let's not forget Spike pretty much being useless and pointless. It really does piss me off just how pointless Spike is a lot of the time.

:bulletblack: Twilight playing God again. So, somehow just because an Equestrian book in the Canterlot High world and has magic, that somehow can allow you to travel between both worlds now? Sorry, but that is complete BS. So, yeah, Twilight is God. I love her, but give me a break. This is just their excuse to allow more and more Equestria Girls movies to be made. Really a pathetic cop-out, if you ask me.

:bulletblack: Flash Sentry even appearing. Period.

:bulletblack: Very rushed ending. I think the sirens finally reveal their true forms only at the very end, when there's only about seven minutes left. Then, as always, they get easily beat within two minutes. This is one of the series' biggest weaknesses, I'm sorry to say. They really aren't good with making villains. It's pretty much always: "Yeah, they're evil, and now watch them be evil the entire time! Oh, but at the very end, let's just have them be beat. Simple storyline!" That's NOT how you write characters. Sure, some characters are just evil for...some bogus reason...but you CAN show more than just that! It just frustrates me because it really does feel so cliche and stupid by this point.


Animation: 9/10 (Still incredible and the show should be proud. Bright and colorful, animated perfectly, and everything looked just as lovely as the first movie and show)
Cameos: 9/10 (Easy to say, all the cameos stole the show. Derpy, Vinyl, Lyra, Bon-Bon, Octavia, Diamond Tiara, you name it. Wanted one or two more, but still great)
Characters: 6/10 (Decent, but not as good as the first movie. Except for Sunset, Trixie, and Dash to an extent, the characters aren't all that great this time around)
Compared To Original: 6/10 (Having to use a cheap cop-out that is pretty much a deus ex machina really hurt it, not to mention all the harsh negativity and blandness)
Ending: 5/10 (Mixed feelings about it, to say the least. Loved Sunset's contribution, and I'm guess I'm fine with Twilight having access to Canterlot High, but still)
Fan Respect: 10/10 (They gave us everything we could ask for. No kissing between Flash and Twilight, some awesome cameos, some shipping material, and much more)
Non-Brony Likability: 5/10 (Hate to say it, but if you aren't a lover of MLP to begin with, you likely will not get the movie or really care for it much, just like the original)
Pacing: 6/10 (Very rushed at times, not to mention they didn't show any of the shorts we got to see during the summer, but it moved along at a decent pace)
Songs: 7/10 (Overall solid, colorful, upbeat, creative, and catchy enough. Far from perfect, but some really sound like one another, but I still enjoyed them)
Storyline: 7/10 (The sirens and Twilight really didn't do it for me, but Sunset Shimmer's storyline really did. I also loved Trixie having a bigger role, so that worked)

OVERALL: 70/100 (Good, but not great. I can honestly say that I did enjoy it, and would likely watch it again and again, as I have the original. It can always be improved, of course, but for what it was and for all the advertising online it gave us, it really did give us exactly what it promised. So, I'd say to check it out, because I'm pretty sure you'll find something to like about it, too!)
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Featuring some of my all-time favorite computer games! Which of these would be YOUR favorite, if you had to pick one? 

2 deviants said Eight Marbles
1 deviant said Oregon Trail 2
1 deviant said Wolfenstein
1 deviant said The Sims
1 deviant said The Weakest Link
No deviants said Midnight Rescue
No deviants said Duke Nukem 3D
No deviants said Odell Down Under

How often do you take a bath or shower? 

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Look at your nearest clock. What time is it? 

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